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Nicholas Gammicchia President - Founder
Alexander Gammicchia
Vice President 
About Nick's Art Project
Nick's Art Project was founded in 2010 by Nicholas Gammicchia as a means of giving back to his community. As a young child, he was diagnosed with severe autism.  Various interventions assisted him over the years, however the two that open doors for him were art and music therapy.   His early self-portrait "Smile" is used as the trademark piece by the organization because it signifies an early breakthrough for him to communicating his feelings to others in the only way possible at that time, through his drawing and painting.   As an aspiring artist, Nicholas realized he could use his passion to help others. 

Today Nicholas is doing well, is in college and studying to be an illustrator within the film industry.  His artwork has been exhibited across the country and several pieces have been featured in many efforts to increase awareness of autism as well as two calendars of national organizations.  He and his brother have developed this project to allow for proceeds from sales and contributions to go toward providing scholarship opportunities for others to obtain art and music therapy.  Nicholas designs all of the products, prints and develops the materials utilized for the note cards featured on this site as well as other products currently in development.  He has a micro-enterprise where he has learned to be a self-determined business minded individual who hopes to be an inspiration to others.   Please consider supporting this project, helping others, and showing the importance of such efforts to provide paths of opportunity so that possibilities can be realized.  
"Be the change you wish to see in the world"
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