Nick's Art Project
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Nick's Art Project
Nick's Art Project P.O. Box 183065 
Shelby Township, MI  48318

586-703-3866  Please leave a message.     We will return your call within 48 hours.   Thank you. 
Contact Nick's Art Project
Please contact us if you would like to arrange an art exhibit, a speaking engagement or a custom orders for large note card purchases.  Speaking engagements can be arranged with advanced notice and fees include travel expenses.  Custom card orders require at least two weeks notice with pre-payment and time to allow for shipping.  
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One last chance to provide use HOPE as a verb.  Please visit our store and purchase a wonderful gift of note cards or consider making a contribution to provide art or music therapy.   Any support you are able to make will be greatly appreciated. 
Thank you also for visiting Nick's Art Project and please share this information with others.  
Nick's Art Project ® Nick's Art Project P.O. Box 183065, Shelby Township, MI 48318