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Artist Gallery 
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"Independence" is a watercolor piece created by Nicholas in an at therapy session.  It has been used as a cover image for invitations for events such as graduations, promotions, and fundraisers.  The original has been most recently used as part of a traveling exhibit.
Sunrise ~ Sunset is a combination of paints that was created when Nicholas was twelve.  This image appeared in a national ASA calendar to bring awareness to autism.  We have created note cards for invites for showers, birthdays, and event announcements.
"Gorilla" medium is pastels and was done as a project for an art class.  It is one of the pieces in the traveling exhibit and its vivid colors and texture make it a favorite of viewers.  We have created note cards for use of this image for birthday invitations and several other events.
"Space" is a painting on black velvet that was done by Nicholas as a small child.  It was a feature piece in a national caledar and has been used on intivations and announcements for a variety of events.
"Smile" was the original self-portrait of Nicholas he did while a small child.  It now is the logo for the project and has been a favorite for many as a note card design.  The reason - it makes you smile when you see it.
"Hummingbird" is a watercolor piece that has been featured in several publications.  It has been used on note cards for showers, birthdays, etc.  The original piece was donated to be used as an autism awareness piece.
"Tree" is a combined medium piece of tempura paints, tissue application, and block printing.  The original is a part of the traveling exhibit and this image is often ordered for use as a holiday card or invitation.
"Art is Art"
"Grow" is a pen and ink design created by Nicholas as a project for an art class.  The original is in his touring exhibit.  This design has been used for invitations and other venues.
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